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So I just wanted to ask, is there like a guide for the achievements? I still have one I didn't achieve and it is shown as a secret in steam. I finished the "???" part, so im clueless right now. Any help?

After completing the game, you get a small extra by pressing the new ???? option. Here they will tell you about getting all hearts with all characters, and if you do and reach the end of the game again, there's a short extra scene. After that visit the ????? and you get the achievement.

Summary: get all hearts and complete the game again.

When will the June 24 update ( that came to the Steam version come to the version?

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Sorry, that slipped my mind. Update is now available on I will get the Demo updated too soon (between today or tomorrow). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you. After updating, please add Japanese to "Languages" in "More information".


Bro been waiting for this can't wait to play ima ask for cash

Will this game be  free on Android?

No, it won't be free. Sorry.

When will you release this game? I really like one thousand lies 

We are really close now. We are in the phases of testing and editing (the game is done!). So it should be soon. Sorry I can't give a date but I want to make sure it is perfect before release.


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nice i can't wait! Is it available for Android?

It will be available in android and iOS, but it will come later than PC.


Now while downloading a thousand lies I find this?

Cool Im so downloading this as well.

Thanks :) This game is still not ready, this is just a placeholder for when the game release. Give it a follow to know when it will be ready, it should be soon!